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Holistic Health with samantha

Develop healthy eating habits using a lifestyle approach.

Our in-house private, Nutrition Specialist, Samantha Smith, works with your goals, lifestyle and dietary preferences to help achieve goals such as weight loss; overall healthy eating and balanced nutrition; hormone balancing and disease prevention/care; and increased metabolic performance.

Samantha Smith, BSc.AHN, BSc., (Bachelor of Applied Human Nutrition and Dietetics & Bachelor of Science graduate) has helped more than 300 people lose over 6,300lbs and has helped clients learn nutrition as a lifestyle rather than as a temporary "diet".  Her plan formats range from general nutrition; targeted weight loss; family nutrition planning; and sports nutrition.

Her approach to nutrition revolves around four keys: whole foods; hands-on learning; maintenance; and balance—the principles that founded Effective Lifestyle Nutrition (ELN)- principles have proven to achieve both effective and long-term success.